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Patentzeichnungen für Industriedesign

Design Patent Drawing

What is a Design Patent or Industrial Design?

If an invention is

•a new, original, and

•ornamental design embodied in or applied to an article of manufacture.

It is referred to as Industrial Design or Design Patent

It generally permits its owner to exclude others from making, using, or selling the invention for a period of up to fifteen years from the date of a patent granted. No maintenance fees are required for design patents

Expertise in folgenden Industriedesign-Patentzeichnungsdiensten​

Handys |  Taschen |  Schränke |  Spielautomat |  LED-Birne |  Mähmaschine |  Gefriertasche | Parfüm  Flasche |  

Tischlampe  | Schatulle | Lautsprecher | Spielzeug | Fahrrad | Flaggenständer | Eiskratzer | Getränkehalter | Hydroponik

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Needed sufficient design views.

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Required design views will be provided.

Pdf |  AutoCAD |  Adobe-Illustrator | Visio

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